Arguably the best self promoter of all time, and the UFC’s biggest Star Conor McGregor, seems to have finally run out of things to say for the moment. Really considering the amount of interviews and press conferences he has done over the last year, it’s not such a shock even for McGregor. So with all the drama surrounding the dispute between Conor and the UFC, resulting in his removal from UFC 200, the rumors have been flying. But the Irishman sets the record straight and explains his feelings about the whole mess:

“I was in a time where I was like, figuring out something, I didn’t just shut out and say no to everything. I just wanted to do reasonable media, and then, hey, all of a sudden, it’s three months from the fight, we’ve got to drag you on 40-hour flights to come and do a runaround, New York, Vegas, California, 70 press conferences, 70 talk shows, adverts, all of this,’ and it’s like, I already made you $400 million last week. That was only last week, that fight. I need to get right.


“That’s how it all came about. I just wanted to focus and I was deep in the process, and especially at that particular moment, I just wanted a little bit more time. I didn’t shut it off completely. Reasonable media, is what I said. I said I would do New York. I said I would do everything else after that. I just needed another little bit to set myself, and then the lack of communication, they weren’t having it. They were trying to push back on me, I was trying to push back on them, and look, it blew up then.”

You have to wonder if McGregor has become maybe to big of a draw for the UFC to control, or does he have a legitimate point after all. He has know doubt done more than any other fighter in such a short amount of time for the UFC and Conor understands that and is playing his hand accordingly. 

“I’ll tell you what, it blew up, I was just kind of having fun at the start. It was kind of half hearted, and then it just went crazy, and now all of a sudden you’re off UFC 200, and I was like, ‘alright, well fuck you too then.’ It was fun. Seeing it all blow up like that, it was amusing for a while.

“There were times when I was seeing the press conferences take place, and I was like, ah, I should’ve just jumped on the damn flight. I should’ve just stuck it out and went with it. But sometimes you’ve gotta do what’s right for you, and not do what’s right for everybody else and especially if you’ve done what’s right for everybody else a million times over, you should have the right to be able to do what’s right for you sometimes. That’s what I felt.”


Do you think McGregor is right? Or is the UFC doing the right thing?