The movement #CommunityStrong: is about giving the Fans and Fighters a voice, a voice that when United as one is so loud that it bring’s about positive discussion and change for all Combat Sports. MPE is dedicated to the MMA Community where the Fighters & the Fans come first, together supporting the Sport to ensure that Our Company statement, #RespectTheFighters #RespectTheFans becomes the standard for all of Combat Sports. We our committed to bringing you the very best Entertainment, News and Views, giving you your favorite Radio and Video programs hitting all topics from all angles connecting the Fans with the Fighters in the Sport we all love so much. With your Support Our PowerInNumbers United as one voice, can make a Difference… SUPPORT and JOIN THE MOVEMENT……


Team Modern Pugilist

Team Modern Pugilist is a group of dedicated fans coming together to Support and help bring about positive change in the sport of mixed martial arts bringing the Fighters and the Fans together. Help us by going to @EntModern on twitter and join the Team!!


Head of PR and social media: Brian Evans @CapeBrenton1973



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