Modern Pugilist Entertainment

Modern Pugilist Entertainment is the fastest growing MMA Community and network of fighters, managers, promoters and fans; all coming together by their common passion and love for the sport.

Modern Pugilist Entertainment #MPE is a privately-held company, started by Dan Cox in 2015 to cover and promote full-contact combat sports with his unique style. MPE is not run by giant media companies like all the other MMA sites. You get no BS, unbiased, tell-it-like-it-is coverage of the sport you love.

#MPE believes that the fighters and fans can work together to take MMA to new heights. MPE works tirelessly to bring together the most passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated fans to contribute to the community in fight coverage, technology, promotion and Support. Our thought-leading content creators and web techs genuinely love the sport, giving our online community the best, unbiased coverage possible, while connecting to fighters and events in new ways.

So Join the Movement and help bring the MMA Community together through the #CommunityStrong project, taking advantage of today’s technology in an era where people are always on and connected through the power of social media, making it easy for fans to interact with the fighters they love.

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